Our services at a glance

Value Proposition (english)

There are many phases in a product’s life cycle, from the first idea to the final implementation. It is not always feasible to have internal resources available for each phase at just the right time. A357 GmbH will support you with specialist knowledge, strong methodological skills and years of experience – fast, and as long as necessary.

Development of business models and business cases

It all starts with an idea. It is not easy to judge whether the given idea will later contribute to your success when it is a product or service. We help you develop new business models and define the value propositions – so that your business cases pay off in due time.

Product development and launch

Increasing complexity, a large number of stakeholders and tight deadlines often turns the concept and implementation phase into a challenge. With our Service Management expertise, we have a structured and cross-domain way of working. It allows us to keep track of the vital components of your project, from start to finish.

  • Process management

    The standardized design of business activities and processes saves time and money; it furthermore increases cost transparency. We define, model, optimize and automate your processes – thus simplifying the deployment and monitoring of your products.

  • Contract design, procurement and supplier management

    Whether in drafting comprehensive service contracts, the management of suppliers in a multi-provider environment or in strategic partner management – we know the potential pitfalls and what you can do to avoid them.

Process analysis

Every process, how well designed it may have been initially, is subject to change. With our process analysis we provide clarity about the as-is processes, identify weaknesses and irregularities, and uncover their root causes. Our recommendations will allow you to optimize processes and products.

Portfolio adaptation

In today’s fast-paced and competitive markets, organizations swiftly need to adapt to new circumstances by regularly adjusting their product and service portfolio. Whether the decision is to sell or discontinue a subset of business activities: With our profound knowledge in complex migration and phase-out projects, we provide benefit to your portfolio streamlining cases.

Project management

Many projects take longer and cost more than previously planned or, even worse, are terminated prematurely. With proven methods and our expertise, we help you achieve your project goals – on time, successfully, and within the planned budget.

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