Christian Wulle is partner at A357 GmbH. After earning his MBA degree at the Uni­versity of St. Gallen with a focus on media and commu­nications management, he gained a wide range of experience as the CEO of a SME. Subsequently, he has been working for more than 15 years at various renowned Swiss telecommunication and infrastructure companies.

Product development, management of complex projects, preparation of business unit strategies and business cases, drawing up tenders and contracts, migration strategies and portfolio restructuring are all part of Christian’s expertise.

Reference projects include the overall program management in setting up infra­structure, partnerships, processes and products for a FTTH- and DSL-based portfolio, the migration of several hundreds of thousands of customers to a cloud- based e-mail platform, and the design and implementation of innovative triple play products (voice, internet and TV).

Roelof Speekenbrink is partner at A357 GmbH. He spent his youth in various countries and cultures. Following his studies at the ETH Zurich, leading to an M.Sc. degree (diploma Arch. ETH), he went into the telecommunications industry in which he has gathered more than 20 years of broad know­ledge and experience.

His technical areas of expertise are Telco service management, product development, network lifecycle management and (cyber-)security. Based on that he has done numerous strategic analyses, developed business and investment cases for telcos, smart cities and really any other businesses where data networks are an intrinsic part of the production chain.

His past activities included, among others, the strategy definition for the fixed networks of full service providers and broadcasters, profitability analysis for distributed sensor systems, technical product development for telecommunication and cable network operators, planning, implementation and commissioning of new network infrastructures and technologies.

Ruedi Silvestri is partner at A357 GmbH. After completing his apprenticeship as an engineer in industrial electronics, he joined the IT industry in 1988. Since then, Ruedi held various positions at IT departments of manufacturing and telecommunication companies. He mainly focused on Operational Support Systems (OSS) for the past 18 years.

The expertise of Ruedi includes evaluation, solution design, business cases, RFPs and contract negotiations of IT solutions. The area of process automation in context of telco service management is one of his core competencies.

Past positions include the planning and implementation of complex technical solutions as well as project management. His structured approach is very appreciated by customers and colleagues, as well as his cool-headed and sound way of working. Thanks to his many years of experience in the IT business, he quickly gets the overview, finds pragmatic solutions and leverages his vast expertise.